Victoria offers a variety of keynotes and trainings for students and professionals focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Workshops range from 1-hour to a full-day or more. With a goals of meeting participants where they are and providing useful tools, Victoria's workshops are engaging and impactful, and all workshops are designed to meet the needs of each team or group. Participants will leave having learned new content and with tangible strategies to immediately enhance their work.


Workshops & Trainings

Identifying Whiteness at Work: Why Spaces are Inherently Not Inclusive and What to Do About It

In order to effectively disrupt workplace racism, we must first be able to identify it. Often folks with more privileged identities struggle to recognize the ways that whiteness and racism permeate office culture and how they contribute to it. Participants will:

  1. Engage in dialogue around topics of identity, inclusion, and whiteness in order to build a foundational vocabulary and familiarity with topics.

  2. Practice meaningful self-reflection, on both individual and organization levels, in order to recognize how they fit within systems of racism and oppression.

  3. Leave with tangible tools and strategies for identifying and disrupting microaggressions in order to foster more inclusive campus environments.

Finding Your Voice: How to Use Your Most Powerful Tool for Social Good

Disrupting racism and engaging as an effective change agent requires the ability to effectively use your voice. This workshop outlines a three step process to begin using your voice to more effectively engage as a change agent and ally. Participants will:

  1. Gain a deep appreciation for the pervasive and structural nature of racism in the United States and recognition of how they fit into these structures.

  2. Engage in exercises to practice identifying and disrupting racism in order to gain comfort with different techniques.

  3. Identify strategies for leveraging social capital and privilege to disrupt systemic racism and engage as a change agent.

Building Capacity for Effective Supervision Across Difference

Research shows that many professionals of color experience racism and/or microaggressions in the workplace, including from their supervisor. These experiences often come in the form of microaggression and other subtle forms of bias, and they erode trust between a supervisee and their supervisor. Participants will:

  1. Gain an appreciation for the ways that racism and bias shows up in supervisory relationships, particularly across identity difference.

  2. Discuss the expectations that professionals of color have for their supervisor.

  3. Leave with a clear set of expectations and tangible tools for building trust and rapport within a supervisory relationship.

Disrupting Racism: What You Can Do to be an Effective Ally

Professionals of color report pervasive experiences with racism at work. This interactive workshop will discuss workplace racism and explore what it means to be an ally or change agent. Participants will:

  1. Gain an appreciation for the pervasiveness of the racism that professionals of color experience from their colleagues and supervisors, and how it is upheld through everyday actions of many colleagues.

  2. Conceptualize an inclusive work environment.

  3. Leave with 3-5 tangible tools for disrupting racism.




  • Finding Your Voice: How to Use Your Most Powerful Tool for Social Good

  • I Can See You Now: Identifying Racism on Campus

  • From Soccer Mom to Activist: Lessons Learned at a Protest


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