Victoria is an inclusive leader and truth-teller with over a decade of experience working in higher education, student affairs, and arts education. Committed to assisting teams and organizations become more inclusive and equitable, she will work with you to develop strategies to better meet desired outcomes and objectives.

A nationally recognized speaker and trainer, Victoria's areas of expertise are in fostering inclusive work environments, building capacity for effective supervision across difference, and developing inclusive teams.




Working with you to design training and development programs that specifically meet the needs of your team or organization to strategically implement inclusion efforts.


Providing keynotes, conference sessions, trainings, online webinars, or other presentations on topics related to diversity and inclusion, leadership, and effective supervision.


Working with individuals to be more effective and inclusive leaders, building self-awareness, enhancing capacity, and creating plans for achieving desired goals.

Victoria pairs her vibrant and engaging style with a brilliant critical eye, asking questions that encourage others to learn and see things from different perspectives. Her research on disrupting workplace racism and her professional experience as an innovative leader in higher education bring great depth to her workshops in fostering inclusive organizations.
— Dr. Kathy Obear, President, Center for Transformation & Change

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