Coaching with Victoria

Are you feeling stuck or unsure how to move forward in life or at work? Coaching can be a great way to navigate life’s obstacles and plot a better way forward. Together we can look at professional goals or challenges, work to expand your capacity as a change agent, and/or explore deep rooted beliefs that may be limiting you from living the life that you imagine for yourself.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and expand your life?


Here are a few different ways that we can work together in a coaching capacity!

Photo by  Mark Kamalov  on  Unsplash

This group coaching experience is for womxn who are seeking to expand their capacity as change agents. This group of 5-8 womxn will meet virtually, bi-weekly for 8 weeks. Each call will be approximately 90 minutes and participants will be asked to do reflections between calls.

Individual coaching related to social justice and expanding capacity as a change agent is also available. If you’re interested in either program, let’s talk!

Are you struggling with a specific problem or decision? Feeling a bit stuck and looking for some support to work through it? This is a one-time, 1-hour individual call to work through an issue. This type of service is recommended for clients who have already worked with a coach but need a “tune-up” or those who are considering longer term coaching.

If you’re interested, let’s schedule a call to discuss your needs!

Are you ready to step into your magic and live the best life you can imagine? If so, this program is for you! This is an in-depth individual coaching program. This investment includes 6 one-hour calls over the course of 3 months, as well as on going support from Victoria. This program is for clients who are ready to dig deep and engage in meaningful, sustainable change. Shedding old stories and embracing the future that is waiting for you!

For more information on this program, click here.